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Vision of Marriage vs. Vision of Wedding

"What color pallet will we use? How many people will we invite? What food will we have? How many will we have in the bridal party?"

These are all questions you and your fiancé might discuss prior to your big day, but are these the only questions that NEED to be discussed before your two hearts become one? At Factory 633, though we want your wedding day to be all you dreamed it would be, we more importantly want to make sure you guys are prepared to take on all the challenges of life as a married couple. All the beautiful photos from the wedding day that decorate your first house with will mean so much more when they are sweet reminders of how excited you are to live the rest of your life with the person in them.

Many couples we speak with are choosing to get married because they are attracted to each other, they have similar hobbies, and have similar interests. “We’re best friends!" We hear frequently. These are great and helpful elements for a successful marriage, but how often has your best friend changed? How many times have your interests, hobbies, and things you find attractive changed? We would love to offer something that we think is super beneficial for marriages to thrive.

Come up with a mission together. What good will come of your marriage? How will your marriage be different or better from ones you have seen in the past? What do you two bring out in each other and what could be accomplished with you guys united vs. you two separated? What type of church will you attend and in what ways could you be involved in that church? What causes are you both passionate about? What will raising children look like for you? How do you want to make money, and what will you do with that money? What environment do you hope to create with your home? How will you sharpen one another and bring out the best in one another?

Ask these questions to each other prior to the wedding day, and come up with a mission for your marriage. It will be nice if you two have that same vision for your wedding, but that will ultimately mean nothing if you don’t both have the same vision for your marriage. Come up with a plan that you can both get on board with and work towards together. There is a 100% chance that everything will not go according to plan, but you and your spouse will be much more resilient when you guys have agreed to stand side by side as you work toward a vision together. You will be more likely to assume the best of each other when you understand the frame of mind of your spouse. This will help you both make challenging decisions that you face. You will be less likely to lose interest or get bored with your spouse when you view each other as teammates who are a true force to be reckoned with when together.

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