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Our Mission

It is our mission to provide faithful and flourishing foundations by encouraging a positive view of marriage, family, and work. We want to provide as many resources as possible to families so that we can end divorce culture, and strengthen the community around them to invoke change in the world. We will do this by not just caring about your wedding day, which we will care for greatly! But your marriage as well. We want your marriage to be a success, and will give you lots of resources to make that so! Please ask us what all we have for you!


Our Story

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Hello! We are the Votipkas and we love marriage and everything it stands for. As you can see, we have 3 beautiful children, and obviously we are bias! We have created Factory 633 because we passionately want to invest in marriages and create a strong community around us. We believe great service is the finest way to show someone you care, so whether you are doing a wedding, a corporate event, or an intimate baby shower, we will be offering you our very best.

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