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4 Key Elements for Marriage

What is marriage?

When someone asks you to get married, what are they asking?

March 10, 2023 was our first Couple's Club night for the couples who got married at Factory 633. Our guest speaker, Pastor Brandon Dees, did a phenomenal job conveying what exactly marriage is, and what we need to do to carry it out as intended.

He read [Matthew 19:5-6] and [Genesis 2:24-25] and broke down 4 key elements you will find prescribed in the verses.

  1. Leaving - This is the first command/call to action, and implies leaving your parents to now be one with your spouse. He pointed out, "You can't have multiple MOST important persons."

  2. Permanence - The man will be joined to his wife, and this is to be a permanent joining, not a conditional, consumeristic agreement.

  3. Becoming one - This is a process, not a one time singular act. When you become something it is gradual and happens over time.

  4. Intimacy - To agree to marriage is to agree to be fully known and deeply loved at the same time. Everyone wants an intimacy like this, but most don't want to put in the first 3 steps.

The first marriage is introduced in Genesis, and as soon as it established, it comes under attack from Satan. If your marriage is meant to glorify then obviously Satan wants to destroy it.

Our prayer is that couples will put in the effort of all 4 elements in their marriage. This will lead to trust that your spouse is in it for the long haul, that nothing will come between you two, that you are both committed to growing together, and that you will enjoy each other along the way.

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