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Thank Your Grandparents

There is a great song by Brad Paisley that does a wonderful job describing the amazing stories that can come from our grandparents getting married. It is called "Two People Fell In Love".

"A baby's born in the middle of the night In the local delivery room They grab his feet, smack him 'til he cries He goes home the next afternoon And 'fore you know it he's off to school And then he graduates in May Goes out and gets a PhD and then cures all sorts of things Wins a Nobel prize and saves a million different lives The world's a better place for all he's done It's funny when you think about the reason he's alive Is all because two people fell in love

The song continues on with similar lyrics about the impact that is caused just from two people getting together and spending their lives together in holy matrimony. When my grandpa (Papa, as we call him) told his friend that he was going to marry my grandma at first sight, he had no idea of the life that would follow. He had no idea of all of the struggles, heartaches, and obstacles he and my grandma would go through. He had no idea of all the laughter, joy, and memories that would be built. He was probably just thinking, "That woman is beautiful, and I want to marry her until the day the Lord takes me home." We don't think about most of the things that come from the decisions we make, but it is a true gift from the Lord when we get to enjoy the fruits of endurance.

Statistically, my grandparents should not have "made it". They did not start with much money and never came into much money. They lost 2 children, one in a tragic accident, and one to long battle with an incurable illness. They have lived through natural disasters, built a house together, and been members of the same church for their entire marriage. I throw in the last one because, though incredibly worth it, faithfully serving in a community of sinners (as ALL churches are) can test you and your marriage. I'm sure they have had many more battles that I am unaware of, but they always had the mentality that they would fight as a team for their marriage.

There are few greater decisions than who you choose to marry. Then, once you are betrothed and children come into the picture, the decisions that derive from that have lasting impacts on the next generations. I am grateful for the decisions that my grandparents made, and most of all that they decided to stay together all these years to be wonderful testaments to the glorious marriage God has ordained. I pray that my wife and I are able to have positive impacts on our children and grandchildren one day - God willing. We have no control over so many things, but we can promise to pursue each other until death do us part just like our grandparents have.

Right now at a picnic shelter down by Canyon Creek

You'll find potato salad, hot dogs and baked beans

The whole Wilson family's lined up, filling their paper plates

And they drove or flown in here from 15 different states

Stanley Wilson said that sixty years ago he knew

That Miss Sama Tucker was the one

Now five generations get together every June

And all because two people fell in love

Yeah, there ain't nothing not affected

When two hearts get connected

All that is will be or ever was

Every single choice we make

Every breath we get to take

Is all because two people fell in love"

If you do not have grandparents like I described above, who have modeled a healthy marriage, then contrary to popular belief that doesn't have to stop you from having a healthy marriage! God has actually modeled for us in His Word what it looks like and how to do it! Praise God! Though physical role models are super helpful, the lack of one does not have to be the reason you shy away from marriage. Search God's word to see how he designed marriage. Find a church body that will encourage you and your spouse when you feel hopeless. Look for couples who have long lasting marriages and hang out with them. I guarantee that any long-lasting marriage has faced hardships and persevered. And in my experience, couples in long-lasting marriages are usually eager to help young couples such as us, to learn how to endure! How sweet would it be to one day, as you sit at a family barbeque, you look around at the families piling in, the children running around, and the tasty food being enjoyed, all because you and your spouse chose to fight for your love. God is able to redeem families and relationships for the sake of His good and we pray that we are able to love and support couples to be that for their families. If you have any questions about this or need help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we can get you connected with couples who care about your marriage. Thanks for reading this and go thank your grandparents for having your parents so that you can be born and enjoy life!

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